Hosting packages

We offer a range of both Windows and Linux hosting packages, on a shared server environment, which can be tailored to your exact hosting requirements.

Our hosting packages also include basic text and photograph updates* allowing you to keep your website updated without incurring any additional charges.




If you use a content management system to update your own website and require a hosting-only package please contact us for pricing.

* 1 text/photograph update per month. Additional update work can be purchased by the hour, or part thereof.

How much web space do I need?

Our hosting packages offer a minimum 10GB of web space which is more than enough for even the largest of websites.

This website, for example, uses under 60MB (0.06GB) of web space.

Additional web space, if required, can be purchased by the MB.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the term given to the amount of data that is transferred between your web server and a users Internet browser.

For example, if you have a 1MB photograph on your web page and someone views that web page then your bandwidth use would be 1MB. If 100 people view that web page, then your bandwidth use would be 100MB.

We offer unlimited bandwidth with all of our hosting packages so there are no hidden fees or charges should your website receive a lot of visitors.

Additional hosting services

We offer a range of additional hosting services and features which can add functionalty to your website and improve your website performance.

Please contact us to discuss your hosting requirements in more detail.

We can tailor your hosting package, and pricing, to your exact requirements.


Price **

Web Space (per 10MB) £1.00
ASP.NET £35.00
Load Balancing £50.00
10MB Access Database £100.00
50MB MSSQL Database £250.00
Weekly Data Backup £150.00
** Per annum.
Domain Name Registration