Domain name registration

A 'domain name' is the address that people use to access your website, for example:

A domain name should, ideally, be short, memorable, easy to spell and easy to describe to your customers whilst, at the same time, being identifiable as your business or describing, using keywords, what your business is, or does.

For example, an accountancy business might be called J.R.Bloggs & Son. They could choose from, or just Each name has it's benefits.

We can register any available domain name and we include a free POP3 email address with webmail facility and free web forwarding.

Email addresses

Once you have registered a domain name you can then add personalised email addresses, such as or giving you an address that's professional, easy to remember and that also advertises your domain name.

Any email sent to your personalised address/es can either be redirected, or 'forwarded', to your default email address, for example, or you can set up a dedicated POP3 email address and configure your email software, such as Outlook or Windows Mail, to access your email.

We also provide a useful webmail facility allowing you to read and reply to email using any Internet browser - handy for when you're out of the office.

What is 'hosting'?

'Hosting' is simply the storage of your web page files, photographs, documents and any other content on your website, on a 'server' or 'web server'. A server, or web server, is simply a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet.

The area that your files occupy on the web server is referred to as your 'web space' and this is contained within a unique folder, or 'directory', which can be accessed using your domain name.