What is a web page?

A web page is a computer file, or document, that is created using one, or more, types of computer language.

The most common of these languages are HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript, ASP (Active Server Pages) and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor).

The languages allow web designers to structure text, photographs and multimedia content on a web page and to also specify what appearance, or style, that page should have.

A web page is accessed using web browser software such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. The browser software interprets the language of each page and presents the text, photographs, multimedia content and style as instructed by the language.

Web Page Design
W3C Standards Compliant XHTML/CSS Web Page £50.00
(per page)
W3C Standards Validation Check & Report £5.00
(per page)
Page Corrections
(HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP programming)
(per hour)
Brochure Website

How many web pages will I need?

The number of pages you'll need really depends on the amount of information that you wish to display.

We recommend that you sketch out a rough, family tree style, structure for your web pages as this will help give you an overall view of the number of pages you'll need.

Here's an example of how the pages of a standard website might be constructed:

  • Home
  • About
  • Product
    • Product 1 Detail
    • etc
  • Services
    • Service 1 Detail
    • etc
  • Location
  • Contact
  • Links
  • Terms & Conditions

Add a form to your website

A form provides your website visitors with an easy, quick and convenient way to contact you directly from within one, or more, of your web pages. You can also use a form as a questionnaire or poll to gather useful information or feedback from your website visitors.

W3C standards compliant pages

All of our web pages are now validated as being W3C standards compliant prior to making them live on the world wide web.

Passing the W3C validation demonstrates to website visitors, and search engines, that you have taken the time, and care, to develop an interoperable web page.

Website design packages

We offer a range of website design packages that include everything you need to get your business, or project, up and running on the Internet.

Our packages include graphic design, web page design, domain name registration, dedicated email addresses, website hosting and search engine marketing.