Title bar text

When you view a web page you should notice a, usually blue, 'title bar' at the very top of the browser window.

The text in the title bar is displayed by a search engine in the list of search results that it presents to someone who is trying to find, by keyword or phrase, your business, products and/or services.

Title Bar Text
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It is, therefore, important that the title text, for every page of your website, is relevant to the content of the page it represents and also includes the keywords and phrases that you feel are likely to be used to find your business, products and/or services.

Description meta-tag

Meta-tags are hidden sections of code, within every web page, that provide information to the browser, and search engines, about the content of a page.

One of the more important meta-tags is the description meta-tag which allows you to provide a 15-20 word description of the content of each page of your website.

Description Meta-Tag
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Like you title bar text, your description text is displayed by the search engines in the list of search results it presents to someone who, again, is using that search engine to find, by keyword or phrase, a particular business, product or service.

Keywords and phrases

Whilst your title bar and description meta-tag text is important, in terms of what people initially see when viewing search results, it is equally as important to ensure that there is sufficient, keyword rich, text on every page of your website.

Consider the following opening line on the home page of a website...

"Welcome to Dunroamin'. Janet and John would like to welcome you to their delightful home in the peaceful and picturesque Scottish countryside..."

The only thing that you could deduce, from that sentence, would be that the business was located in Scotland.

Now consider the following opening line...

"Bed and breakfast accommodation in Dumfries, the Dunroamin' Guest House is a 4 star Scottish Tourist Board recommended guest house in Scotland."

You've described what the business is, where it is, what it's called and, as a bonus, it's affiliation with a well known brand (Scottish Tourist Board).

We can help optimise your text to ensure that it successfully delivers your marketing message whilst containing the keywords and phrases necessary to capture as many search engine enquiries as possible.

W3C standards compliant pages

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where member organisations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop web standards.

W3C provide a validation tool that checks the XHTML and CSS code, used to create your web pages, for compliance with their standards. If pages from your website pass then they are deemed 'valid'.

Passing the W3C validation check demonstrates to your website visitors, and search engines, that you have taken the time, and care, to develop an interoperable web page.

Adding your site to a search engine

As soon as your website is 'live', you should begin submitting it to as many, relevant, search engines as possible.

We can handle all aspects of search engine submission for you; from basic submission of a single domain name through to local listings and sitemap feeds.

Link popularity & reciprocal linking

The more links you have to your website the more popular your website is deemed to be by the search engines.

This is called 'link popularity' and it is one of the factors taken into consideration by a search engine when they are ranking your website.

Reciprocal linking is simply the act of exchanging links with other websites to provide useful, third-party, information for your website visitors as well as improving your own link popularity.

You must be careful, however, to ensure that any links to your website, and any links from your website, are relevant to your business, products and/or services.

We offer a reciprocal linking strategy that will continually increase the number of good, relevant, links to your website

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SEO Report £75.00
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Title & Meta-Tag Optimisation £10.00
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Page Text Optimisation £20.00
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Basic Submission
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Reciprocal Linking Strategy
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