Capturing information

There are a range of different types of form fields each designed to capture information in a different way.

This can make it easier, and quicker, to complete the form which is something your website visitors will definitely appreciate.

The most common types of form fields are as follows.

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Types of Form Field

Form validation

When someone submits a form on your website you want to ensure that they have actually entered some information and that the information that has been entered is valid.

This prevents you from receiving blank forms and reduces the chances of you receiving spam form submissions such as adverts or malicious links.

Form validation is simply a process of checking/validating the information that is being submitted by the website visitor, prior to it being sent to you.

Try entering incorrect information in the form fields below and then clicking the "Send Enquiry" button.

Form Validation

When your website visitor clicks the 'Send Enquiry' button they will receive notification of any errors with their data.

Once they have corrected the errors highlighted in the error message and have resubmitted the form their data is then sent to its required destination.

You can then also redirect them to a confirmation or 'thank you' page.


As well as sending form data to an email address/es you can also store the contents directly into a database.

You can then use the more advanced features of database or spreadsheet software to organise and present your data such as a report or statistical analysis.

Form-to-database forms can also be used to content manage the data displayed on your website pages.

For example, you could update a price list that is displayed on a particular page of your website by completing a form-to-database form. Your web page then connects to the database and displays the prices held in the database.

For more information about using a form to manage your website content, please visit our content management section.

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