POP3 email addresses

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) - nothing to do with Royal Mail! - is an Internet standard used by email software to retrieve email from a server computer.

A POP3 email address is simply a folder on a computer, which is permanently connected to the Internet, that stores email sent to your email address until such time as you download it using email software or delete it using a webmail facility.

Our POP3 email addresses can be configured for use with any email software. Please note that we can only provide POP3 email addresses for domain names that we host.

Email Addresses

Price *

Standard POP3 Email
£5.00 **
20MB Capacity, Webmail
Advanced POP3 Email
1GB Capacity, Webmail, Anti-spam Filter, Anti-Virus Protection, Roaming SMTP, Autoresponder, Mailbox Control Panel
* Per email address, per annum.
** 1 standard POP3 email address is provided FREE with any domain name purchased.
POP3 Email Addresses


All of our POP3 email addresses come with a webmail facility allowing you to access your email from anywhere, with any web browser.

Access your email from anywhere, using any web browser, with our Webmail facility.

Access your email from anywhere, using any web browser, with our Webmail facility.
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We provide you with a unique webmail address, with username and password, so that you can access your email from any Internet connected computer.

Email forwarding

If you're looking for a simple, but effective, email solution without the need to reconfigure your email software then email forwarding is the way to go.

Email forwarding allows you to redirect any email sent to your professional email address, yourname@yourbusiness.co.uk, to your default ISP address, yourname@yourISP.co.uk, or vice versa.

We offer unlimited email forwarding with any domain name registration with us. Please note, we can only set up email forwarding on domain names that we host.

Microsoft Exchange

If you do a lot of work from home, or on the move, and you need to make sure your email activity is fully synchronised with your office then you need a Microsoft Exchange email address.

  • Outlook Web Access – unbeatable web-based email, contacts & calendar
    from any internet connected computer.
  • Use push email to access your mailbox in real-time on your mobile device.
  • 2GB of backed up & centralised mailbox storage space.
  • Full version of Outlook 2007 software included for home or office use.
  • Advanced, configurable spam and virus protection.

Microsoft Exchange gives you Outlook Web Access webmail which is almost identical to how you'd view your email in Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Exchange Email screenshot
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