Page editing software

If you have computer language programming experience then it's possible to edit your web pages using a basic text editor such as Notepad.

There are, thankfully, software alternatives to this rather technical way of updating web pages which don't require knowledge of computer language programming.

These are referred to as WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) editors which simply means that what you see on the page in the editing software is what you'll see on the page in the web browser.

We use, and would recommend, the following web page designing and editing software.

Database driven content

You will, no doubt, be familiar with either the Facebook or Twitter means of updating web page content.

You simply type text into a text box, or browse your computer for a photograph or movie to upload and, once submitted, it is updated on your page.

The benefits of such a system are that you can directly control which sections of a page, and site, should be updated. You also don't have to worry about keeping any web page editing software up-to-date with upgrade fixes or newer versions.

We can custom design a database driven content management system for your website which includes a username/password protected content administration area within your website and photograph/document upload facility.

Outsource your website updates

If you are busy with the day-to-day running of your business and don't have the time to learn new software or technical skills, then we offer a website update service.

Our website hosting packages include 12 basic text/photograph updates, per year, to your website.

You simply email us your text and photograph updates and we will update your website within 48 hours.

If you require more frequent updates, perhaps on a daily or weekly basis, then we would discuss this with you and provide a tailored quotation for that work.

Updating your website regularly is good practice and, as well as providing useful and up-to-date information for your visitors, also improves your ranking on the search engines.